The Eagles are 4-5, but the season isn’t over.

The Eagles are 4-5, but the season isn’t over.



The Philadelphia Eagles are 4-5. They just lost to the Miami Dolphins. Life sucks.

I’m here to tell you this season isn’t over. Despite being 4-5, and looking like a below average football team at times, the Philadelphia Eagles’ season is far from over.

Let’s start with the bad:

Inconsistency is the Eagles biggest issue. When one thing goes right, another thing goes wrong. The most frustrating part about it all, is as soon as the Eagles look like they’re going to take that step of playing good, sound, disciplined football, something, whether it be a drop, a penalty, a bad play-call, SOMETHING bad happens.

Offensively, the offensive line has flashed at times. It held its own against Dallas’ front, and for the entire first quarter against the Dolphins. Then the next three quarters, it was absolutely obliterated by Miami’s defensive front.

The Eagles offense is entirely based on tempo and rhythm. When the Eagles get that first first-down, things start rolling, and it’s a beautiful thing to see. But when there are as many boneheaded mistakes like penalties, drops, missed assignments, or Jason Kelce snapping the ball over Sam Bradford’s head, the rhythm of the entire offense deteriorates.

Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes. *Pulls hair out*

Defensively, as good as the Eagles have been, they can still be much better. The biggest thing is they’re becoming too predictable. Playing press man and relying on your front-4 to get to the quarterback can be successful, but at the end of the day, you MUST mixup coverages.

Professional quarterbacks and coaching staffs will adjust and find ways to beat you if you run the same coverage too often. Billy Davis needs to mix in more zone concepts and blitz packages, or teams will continue to run rub-concepts to beat man coverage.

Overall, the defense has played really well. Giving up just 20 points per game, which is 10th best in the entire league is solid.

So, Why isn’t the season over?

The Philadelphia Eagles have seven games left in the season, and are one game out of first place. And to the “It doesn’t matter if the Eagles make the playoffs, they’re terrible” people: SHUT UP.

Flashback to 2008: After week 12, the Eagles were standing at 5-5-1. They went on to win 4 out of their last 5 games, squeaked into the playoffs with momentum, and made it to the NFC championship game.

How about in 2011: After week 13, the New York Giants were 6-6. They won 3 of their last 4, got into the playoffs with momentum, and went on to win the Super Bowl.

The National Football League is a week-to-week league. Hell, it’s a quarter-to-quarter league if you think about it. After the first quarter of the Miami game, Eagles’ fans were on top of the world. After quarter 3, we were ready to rip our hair out.

The point is things change quickly in this league. The mistakes the Eagles are making are correctable. That’s the biggest thing. The holding calls, the drops, the missed assignments, are all mental mistakes.Yes, that’s been the theme of the entire season. But the growth of Sam Bradford, the defense playing sound football, and the chemistry being formed as the season goes on is encouraging.

A few things need to happen for the Eagles to get into the playoffs and make a run.

  • Mark Sanchez must win these next two games against the Tamba Bay Buccaneers and Detroit Lions, and Sam Bradford must get healthy to face New England after that.
  • The offensive line needs to find its groove. Jason Peters returning will help with that.
  • Nelson Agholor staying healthy and keeping Miles Austin and/or Riley Cooper on the sideline is good, not bad for the Eagles.

Being 4-5 doesn’t feel good. But despite the record, the Eagles are a game out of first place. Play your best football down the stretch, string some wins together, and gain some momentum, and a deep playoff run isn’t out of the question.

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