Film Room: Brandon Brooks, the guard we’ve been waiting for

Film Room: Brandon Brooks, the guard we’ve been waiting for

Brandon Brooks, aka Guardy McBeef, is an impressive human being. When I first saw the Eagles signed Brooks, I knew nothing about him and I’ve been so busy recently I’ve had no time to watch him. By now, you’ve all read loads about him so I don’t want to discuss him loads. However, I’ll post a load of all22 clips of him here and I’ll comment on what I like/dislike about him.

I’ve read quite a lot about him and he seems to have a reputation as a wrecking ball in the run game but average/below average in the passing game. I didn’t really see that at all. I thought his pass protection was very good. Most of the clips against the Falcons are from the two minute warning at the end of the half because I wanted to see him deal with pass rushers snap after snap.

He handled himself really well in everything I watched. The best thing about him though is his physicality and his nastiness. He really does move guys. Even when pass blocking, he often tries to dominate the opponent and doesn’t let him get the upper-hand. Let’s have a look at some plays, he’s the Right Guard and he’s number 79 by the way. Also, if any of you have problems watching the GIF, click on it and copy and paste the link in the middle of the GIF to another tab and it will load there.

This what I mean about him initiating contact. If you pause the clip exactly when he makes contact with the defender, none of the other offensive lineman have made contact yet. Occasionally this might mean that he gets beat but it also means he can give the QB a fantastic pocket to work from.

Here’s another great bit of pass protection. I love how he keeps him at arms length at all times and doesn’t budge. You can see he’s just naturally a big strong powerful guard, this rusher isn’t even getting near the QB.

I said I’d focus on passing plays more early on but I thought this was a great play to post to clear up some worries you may have. Yes he’s big, but you can see he has the ability to reach the second level. Which is impressive for a guy his size. He’s a lot more agile than I expected, after pushing the second defender it’s really impressive how a guy his size can change his direction and push the linebacker back with ease too.

Right, back to pass blocking inside the two minutes. Here he gets pushed back slightly and the defensive lineman tries a swim move but Brooks has good hand movement. Even if you get the upper-hand on Brooks, you can tell that he is going to be extremely hard to beat by simply powering through him. He keeps his balance well for a big guy and doesn’t get pushed back into the QB like the center does.

This play is just awesome. He literally moves the defensive tackle with a great initial push and then elegantly slides to take care of the defensive end. Look how quickly he shifts his weight in balance.

I like this play because it shows he’s clever. Once he realises the center is picking up his guy, he quickly adjusts and helps out his right tackle.

Yet another one showing off his strength. He just will not get pushed back, it must be so nice for a quarterback to have that vision and such a good pocket. Makes it really easy for a QB to step up like Mallett does here.

I had some people on twitter ask me to put some clips of him against a strong defensive line. So here he is against the Panthers. In particular watch him against number 99, Kawann Short, who is a stud. He ranked as PFF’s 5th best interior defender in terms of pass rush grade.

Here he is taking out Short, just pure strength and physicality, gives Mallett a wonderful pocket to throw from.

Lovely again, takes out the first guy and slides back across to take out the other defensive tackle.

This is interesting. The Panthers confuse the Texans line and he appears to be blocking nobody. This shows how great athleticism and strength can get you out of trouble though as he basically forces Short back with one hand. Not many guys could cover after making the initial mistake.

Right enough pass blocking, let’s take a look at some running plays.

This is awesome. Check out the one handed shove as he’s moving forward that pushes the defensive end back. For a guy that big to get to the second level that easily is really impressive.

I love the part where he’s blocking two guys with one hand each basically. Gives loads of help to his center and finishes the block well.

As I’ve been saying, for such a big guy he is really good in space.

Another good play at the second level, this time against Thomas Davis who can’t shake him.

Just another solid play highlighting his strength. The Texans poor running game wasn’t because of him, that’s for sure.

Let’s end on a high. It’s 3rd and 1. The Panthers are stacking for line of scrimmage. This is where you need Guardy McBeef. It’s a difficult block to make as the defender is on his inside shoulder but he shoves him back and forces him to the ground and the running back picks up 4 yards. This is Guardy McBeef at his very finest.

Hope you enjoyed the film piece, I’ll try get some more out when I have time. Comment/tweet me if you want me to take a look at anyone else.