FILM ROOM: Why the Eagles should be interested in Christian McCaffrey

FILM ROOM: Why the Eagles should be interested in Christian McCaffrey

I first want to start by saying this: I am in no way shape or form a scout. I don’t get paid to do any of this. I don’t expect you to hold my opinions on draft prospects to a higher standard than yours or anyone else’s. I’ll never comment or offer my opinion on anything I don’t feel I am educated about. I trust my eyes more than most, but I will never ever be the guy that thinks he is 100% right on a prospect because I’ve watched countless hours on them. The draft is a crapshoot and scouts who get paid a lot of money miss annually on prospects so I don’t expect to be right all the time. Honestly I, and everyone else are wrong more than we are right, which is fine! I simply love talking the draft, it’s one of my favorite times of the year.

If you’ve been following along you’ll know that Marlon Humphrey was the first prospect I talked about who could interest the Eagles in round 1. You can check that out here.

The next prospect I think could interest the Eagles in the first round is..

Christian McCaffrey – RB – Stanford: If you were to draw up a prototypical running back that fits Doug Pederson’s offense, it’s hard to imagine anyone coming up with a better fit than Christian McCaffrey. Some say McCaffrey is undersized, I have a hard time accepting that narrative. Christian McCaffrey at the combine weighed in at 202 lbs at 5’11. Compare that to LeSean McCoy at the combine in 2009: 204 lbs at 5’10. Obviously everyone has different body types but on paper, that’s eerily similar in height and weight.

Christian McCaffrey does it all at the running back position. He is extremely good at running in between the tackles as well as bouncing runs outside. He’s one of the most gifted at his position when it comes to running precise routes and catching the football. It’s hard to find a weakness in McCaffrey’s game. He wasn’t asked to pass block at Stanford much because he was utilized in the passing game so often. McCaffrey was also utilized as a punt returner and he was very good as well.

Alright enough of me talking. Let’s get to the good stuff.

First play… I mentioned above how similar Christian McCaffrey was to LeSean McCoy when it comes to size. Check out this cutback by McCaffrey. If you’re an Eagles fan, this has to bring back memories of Shady.


The next few plays are in a single game. A bowl game.

McCaffrey against a linebacker is absolutely unfair. Theo Roddick making Mychal Kendricks look lost on Thanksgiving, anyone? Just one example of how you could use McCaffrey to create mismatches.


Patience. Jump cut. More patience. Stiff arm.


Did I mention that McCaffrey can return punts, too? It’s pretty amazing how many guys he can make look dumb on a single play.


Another one. *DJ Khaled voice* Hits hole, one on one against a safety, think you know how that goes.


How about from wildcat? Again, McCaffrey shows off his patience running in between tackles.


Overall McCaffrey is an incredible fit in Doug Pederson’s offense. I think the thing that stands out most is McCaffrey running from so many different sets. He’s comfortable running behind a fullback, he’s taken snaps directly in wildcat, and also has a  ton of work in shotgun. Doesn’t seem like a huge deal but anyone remember DeMarco Murray looking lost at times when taking snaps from shotgun in Chip Kelly’s system? Rhetorical question but my point is it can matter when evaluating a prospect. The ONE thing that I don’t love about McCaffrey’s game is he doesn’t fall forward. He isn’t a big back and often uses elusiveness to force missed tackles. If McCaffrey is there when the Eagles are on the clock, I’d assume Howie Roseman and Joe Douglas would think long and hard about taking him.

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